Spotiwhy? : Are Subscription Music Services a Sustainable Business Model?

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Subscription music services have been dominating the news recently with the U.S. launch of Spotify and the new IHeartRadio, plus free offerings from MOG and RDIO, and the recent purchase of Napster by Rhapsody. There is a sea change occurring in all content industries moving towards streaming and subscription rather than ownership, and this transition […]

Truth and Advertising

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Among the many things I read and watch, two things stuck with me this week. They are all interrelated and come back to two things Truth and Advertising.  The first thing is the advertising campaign for Oregon and LSU college football game this Labor Day weekend. The second is a New York Times editorial on […]


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Welcome to Glacial Concepts. It is my personal think tank. When I graduated college, I had a dream to move to Washington DC, work at a think tank and create the policy and business ideas that would be necessary to protect the populace because of the natural progression of technology. I applied to different think […]